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  • Bac Ninh Quan Ho folk songs

    Bac Ninh Quan Ho folk songs are the result of spontaneous creativity, improvisational theater through exams for the singing ...

  • Viet beliefs in the mother goddnesses of three realms

    On the ground, the worship of female spirits, beliefs in the Mother Goddesses of Three Realms

  • The Worship of Hùng Kings in Phú Thọ

    The Việt worship Hùng Kings as forefather of nation-country

  • Ví and Giặm Folk Songs of Nghệ Tĩnh

    Ví and Giặm Folk Songs occupy an important position in the cultural and spiritual life of Nghệ Tĩnh people

  • Current

Intangible cultural heritage in need of urgent protection

  • Xoan singing of Phu Tho

    Xoan singing of Phu Tho

    ( 01/04/2020 )

    Xoan singing is a form of performance art related to the worship of Hung Kings. According to legend, the Hung Kings had the merit of first period of national construction in the ancient land of Phu Tho.

  • Ca tru

    Ca tru

    ( 01/04/2020 )

    Ca tru is the art of singing poetry. Ca tru performing groups often have a knock Princess Peach sing and beat, a double bottom above playing a drum beat bureaucrats. Velvety timbre vocals alternating with crunchy pieces of amber voice, bass guitar sound muddy bottom